First Month of Nursing School

Hello Everyone!

I am very new to blogging, but very excited to start documenting my life whether it be about my hair, school, makeup (nothing fancy), simple proses, or cooking. I have been debating about whether I should create a blog and it all came down to, why not?

It is February 3, 2017 and I am now about a month into a registered nurse program at my local community college. This ride has already been exceptionally rocky; the program has implemented a new curriculum along with using eBooks as opposed to physical books. This is the second semester of the recent changes so it’s all still pretty new to the instructors as well.

This semester, I am taking a nursing skills class, fundamentals of nursing, and pharmacology I. It adds up to 12 credit hours. I will include a chart of my schedule below just so you can get an idea of how your schedule may look like if you are thinking of pursuing an associate nursing degree.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
0700 Fundamental
0800 Fundamental
1200 Fundamental
Nursing Skills Fundamental

My fundamentals class is separated into four forms of instruction: lab, seminar, lecture, and clinical. I have lecture every Monday morning from 8am-10am, seminar every Monday from noon-2pm, and lab every Wednesday from noon-2pm. We start out the semester with a clinical assignment in an extended care facility; my clinical day is Tuesday morning from 7am to 11am. Finally, my nursing skills class is every Tuesday from noon-4pm.

The program seems unique in the fact that our pharmacology courses are split into three different courses over three semesters and they are all online. I am still very nervous about this but also relieved that it is spread into three courses instead of one, or even two, jam packed courses.

I just finished up my third week of this semester and this coming week I am looking forward to (is there a way to show sarcasm through text?) an exam in my nursing skills class as well as an exam in pharmacology. I am feeling confident and I hope it’s not a false-sense. Wish me luck!

With this blog, I hope to share my nursing school journey. The hardships and the accomplishments. I want to share the study tips and test-taking skills I pick up, my clinical experiences, and interesting things I learn in general.

Not only do I wish for this blog to help others but I want to look back and see my growth.

If you have any questions about anything just let me know. In my next post I plan on talking about my school supplies and the equipment needed for clinicals.

Have a good week!