Goddess Provisions February 2017

Hello everyone!

So, I signed up for the Goddess Provisions subscription box earlier this month. For those of you who don’t know, Goddess Provisions is a $30 a month subscription box designed to “help us connect with our divine feminine and grow our spiritual practice.” This subscription box is not customizable, however, with some items you may get one scent or another, one color or another, etc.


When I first received the box, each item was enclosed in bubblewrap. I did take them out for the purpose of pictures ūüôā

In the box, there is a card letting me know that this month’s theme is Flower Power and also the value of each item. I will list the items along with the pictures and value of each. The good thing about this box is that each item is full sized, however, the monthly price is obviously more.

Anima Mundi Herbals Lux Flower Essence –¬†animamundiherbals.com

  • “Take a few drops of LUX under your tongue or add to a beverage for enhanced psychic protection. This potent formula contains the flower and gem essences of black tourmaline, yarrow and ocotillo.” I have not used this product yet and am a little wary of its effectiveness but on their website it states that the potency will increase when used in conjunction with meditation. Value: $11



Adoratherapy Joy Chakra Boost – adoratherapy.com

  • “This essential oil blend is made with gardenia, rose and jasmine floral essences and helps to balance the mind-body-spirit connection. Roll onto your pulse points and repeat the mantra ‘I love.'” This scent is really lavender-y and flowery and isn’t something I’d normally wear but I know it will be very helpful and calming. Value: $16



Modern Minerals Lip Gloss –¬†modernmineralsmakeup.com

  • “This ‘Luv of Attraction’ crystal-infused lip gloss combines pin camellia flowers and pink tourmaline with a Lotus Wei blend of lavender, chamomile, rose, and neroli.” This lipgloss is “infused with the emotive properties of gemstone and flower essences to uplift and awaken positivity.” I will attach a swatch of the lipgloss below. I would not personally buy this product because 1) I don’t really like clear lip glosses and 2) The formula is pretty sticky. Value: $25


DSC00176 2.JPG


Chocolita Lavender Dreamtime Bar –¬†chocolita.co

  • “Melt into sweet dreams with this delicious raw chocolate bar made with heirloom cacao, soothing lavender, gotu kola and mugwort.” This chocolate is meant to assist in having more vivid, memorable dreams. The lavender helps to relax and give a restful slumber. I am saving this for a special occasion ūüôā Value: $4.86



Bad Girl Good Tea Flower Crown Tea – badgirlgoodtea.com

  • “Sip your tea and allow your crown chakra to bloom as you take in this magical blend of organic green tea, white tea, oolong tea, marigold blossoms, rosebuds, cornflower petals, pineapple and mango.” Since this tea is loose leaf, I need to purchase a tea infuser, ASAP. The combination of flavors sound amazing. Value: $8.99




Technician of the Sacred Sticker Set –¬†technicianofthesacred.com

  • “Raise your vibration with these cosmic flower mandalas. Use both stickers to adorn your car, laptop or favorite water bottle with flower power.” These are literally just stickers. Value: $6



Polychrome Jasper

  • “Jasper’s grounding quality will help you root down and connect with nature. Each piece is a unique blend of colors, with the red spots known for enhancing passion and yellow spots for strengthening willpower. Hold the stone in your palm to balance the emotional body and take in its unique healing energy.” Value $20



I love this box so far and find it much more useful than getting just beauty products and makeup every month. I am a highly spiritual person and I believe these items will keep me in touch with myself while getting through nursing school.








My New Glasses!

Hello Everyone!

I recently bought a new pair of glasses. I went out of my comfort zone and instead of buying a well known/commercial brand, I researched a little bit and found the retailer Warby Parker.

Warby Parker’s mission came from the notion¬†that glasses are too expensive, and I wholeheartedly agree. In the past, I have had to use insurance to purchase glasses that I NEED and often times, I end up having to pay out of pocket the rest of what insurance couldn’t cover. This is the first time in my life where I’ve been able to pay for a pair of glasses completely out of pocket without it hurting my pocket.


Warby Parker partners with non-profit organizations such as VisionSpring in order to provide a pair of glasses for someone in need for every pair purchased.

After much perusing, I finally¬†decided which pair I wanted to get! Warby Parker has an option that allows you to try on 5 different pairs of glasses with shipping paid to and from your house, however, I needed new glasses ASAP. I ended up choosing the Louise glasses in Elderflower Crystal. I have been loving the dusty rose/champagne/rose gold hues and thought this style and color combination¬†was beautiful on the model.¬†Shipping wasn’t bad. After ordering, I received my glasses in about 10-12 days which was expected especially since they’re prescription glasses.


I was very satisfied when I did finally receive them. I tried to get a good photo to show an accurate depiction of¬†the color but my lighting wasn’t the best! I am actually very surprised about the quality and value compared to the price. These glasses feel like designer glasses. They feel just has sturdy and durable, if not more, than Ray Ban and Versace glasses I have had in the past, for a fraction of the cost- $95. Yes, $95 for these glasses (frames + lenses).

The frames are made from a single sheet of custom cellulose acetate, hand polished for three days with German wax, and have 100% UV protection. All of their lenses are anti-reflective. People with glasses know that anti-reflective lenses ALONE usually add on another $100. The lenses are also made with polycarbonate, which is the most impact resistant material for glasses.


Overall, I am very very happy and satisfied with my purchase and am already contemplating ordering from their new line of stainless steel frames. I am recommending them to you from my heart just so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a pair of glasses ever again ‚̧

My February Ipsy Bag!

Hello Everyone!

This will actually be my first and last Ipsy bag review. I initially¬†subscribed in November/December and although I did enjoy receiving new beauty¬†products, it is pointless for me to collect products that I don’t use very often. I am trying to cut down on vanity.


If you don’t know what an Ipsy bag is, it is a $10/month beauty subscription bag. The bag usually comes with 5 large travel sized to full sized beauty products. You can somewhat customize the bag by filling out the online questionnaire that asks where you shop for beauty products, what types of products do you generally like, your skin tone, eye and hair color, etc.

Estimated value of bag: $70.60

Biobelle Botanic fiber face mask in #iwokeuplikethis and #staygorgeous Рretail $5 each at ulta.com

Trust Fund Beauty in $12 Latte – $15 at trustfundbeauty.com

Luxie Rose Gold Blush Face Brush – $18 at luxiebeauty.com

NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry Рoriginally $6, marked down to $3.60 at nyxcosmetics.com

Seraphine Luminde 74% Water-Based Skin Illuminator – $24 at seraphinebotanicals.com

Although most of the brands you’ll be given in your bag are more independent/not very well known brands, they are made in the USA and are commonly vegan and/or cruelty free. The quality and ethics behind the products are top notch and from my experience they do try to cater to your customizations. I was a little disappointed in this month’s bag primarily because I received a NYX product. Besides that, they did send me my first highlighter, sheet face mask(s), and a very nice brush so I can’t be too upset.

Even though I cancelled my Ipsy bag subscription, I did sign up with the Goddess Provisions subscription box and am ecstatic to know that I signed up just in time to receive the February box. I will be reviewing it on here once I receive it ūüôā



First Month of Nursing School

Hello Everyone!

I am very new to blogging, but very excited to start documenting my life whether it be about my hair, school, makeup (nothing fancy), simple proses, or cooking. I have been debating about whether I should create a blog and it all came down to, why not?

It is February 3, 2017 and I am now about a month into a registered nurse program at my local community college. This ride has already been exceptionally rocky; the program¬†has implemented a new curriculum along with using eBooks as opposed to physical books. This is the second semester of the recent changes so it’s all still pretty new to the instructors as well.

This semester, I am taking a nursing skills class, fundamentals of nursing, and pharmacology I. It adds up to 12 credit hours. I will include a chart of my schedule below just so you can get an idea of how your schedule may look like if you are thinking of pursuing an associate nursing degree.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
0700 Fundamental
0800 Fundamental
1200 Fundamental
Nursing Skills Fundamental

My fundamentals class is separated into four forms of instruction: lab, seminar, lecture, and clinical. I have lecture every Monday morning from 8am-10am, seminar every Monday from noon-2pm, and lab every Wednesday from noon-2pm. We start out the semester with a clinical assignment in an extended care facility; my clinical day is Tuesday morning from 7am to 11am. Finally, my nursing skills class is every Tuesday from noon-4pm.

The program seems unique in the fact that our pharmacology courses are split into three different courses over three semesters and they are all online. I am still very nervous about this but also relieved that it is spread into three courses instead of one, or even two, jam packed courses.

I just finished up my third week of this semester and this coming week I am looking forward to (is there a way to show sarcasm through text?) an exam in my nursing skills class as well as an exam in pharmacology. I am feeling confident and I hope it’s not a false-sense. Wish me luck!

With this blog, I hope to share my nursing school journey. The hardships and the accomplishments. I want to share the study tips and test-taking skills I pick up, my clinical experiences, and interesting things I learn in general.

Not only do I wish for this blog to help others but I want to look back and see my growth.

If you have any questions about anything just let me know. In my next post I plan on talking about my school supplies and the equipment needed for clinicals.

Have a good week!