My February Ipsy Bag!

Hello Everyone!

This will actually be my first and last Ipsy bag review. I initially subscribed in November/December and although I did enjoy receiving new beauty products, it is pointless for me to collect products that I don’t use very often. I am trying to cut down on vanity.


If you don’t know what an Ipsy bag is, it is a $10/month beauty subscription bag. The bag usually comes with 5 large travel sized to full sized beauty products. You can somewhat customize the bag by filling out the online questionnaire that asks where you shop for beauty products, what types of products do you generally like, your skin tone, eye and hair color, etc.

Estimated value of bag: $70.60

Biobelle Botanic fiber face mask in #iwokeuplikethis and #staygorgeous – retail $5 each at

Trust Fund Beauty in $12 Latte – $15 at

Luxie Rose Gold Blush Face Brush – $18 at

NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry – originally $6, marked down to $3.60 at

Seraphine Luminde 74% Water-Based Skin Illuminator – $24 at

Although most of the brands you’ll be given in your bag are more independent/not very well known brands, they are made in the USA and are commonly vegan and/or cruelty free. The quality and ethics behind the products are top notch and from my experience they do try to cater to your customizations. I was a little disappointed in this month’s bag primarily because I received a NYX product. Besides that, they did send me my first highlighter, sheet face mask(s), and a very nice brush so I can’t be too upset.

Even though I cancelled my Ipsy bag subscription, I did sign up with the Goddess Provisions subscription box and am ecstatic to know that I signed up just in time to receive the February box. I will be reviewing it on here once I receive it 🙂




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